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"You wanna see a dead body? Instrumentals from my mama’s Christmas party."

Aye isn’t that Lien [Lee-Anne] Mendoza? She sort of reminds me oftrishadeee (X). She’s 21 years old and a Senior in College and has a Major in Business.

✓ Simple, Weird, Social, Independent

✘ Curious, Bold, Stubborn, Wicked

My story:

Growing up in a ‘typical’ Chinese family, Lien never really had the chance to grasp onto the typical life of a real teenager. It was always about school and grades, no boys and her health. The fact that she was really onto the no boys rule and that she was going to an all female’s school, she began to grow fond of girls. When her parents found out about her sexuality, they put her out the house and told her to find a way on how to finish her high school education. Moving down to earth and working alone at the age of 18 she finished her school successfully and was living on her own, eventually starting a nail salon business. Now at Lorien, Lien just wants to have fun. All she needs now is her money, weed and a couple of ladies to eat, even thought she get mistaken for a straight girl since she doesn’t look like the typical lesbian. Of course she still works on finishing college, so she could finally fully dedicate herself to her salon. 

She is a LESBIAN, on the VOLLEYBALL TEAM, works at NAILS BY LIEN, from the PLANET TRECCO (X) and is a straight A STUDENT.

Tasanee Cho: Friends; Likes to hang around Tasanee since they have some similarities. Often plays around with her by touching on her body.

Kristopher London: Friends; Enjoys Kristopher’s company a whole lot and loves to bother him. Find’s him really funny and adorable.


Please track the tags LorienfollowLorienevents, Lorienstarters and Lorienunfollow

“Anything i want i get….no matter what.”

Aye isn’t that Jewel Nicholas? she sort of reminds me of Kylie Jenner (X) she’s 19 years old, a sophomore in college and a Major in Business.



My Story:

When jewel’s great great ancestor passed away he left jewel’s family a deed to his company that later blossomed into one of the most successful business in all of faetopia. Now her family is loaded with so much money that they don’t even know what to do with it at times, so they just give it away to charity at times. The fact that jewel got everything and anything she ever wanted is what caused her to have this snobbish attitude that she has today. She feels that her wealth status should allow any doors that she wants to be opened just for her. 

Now at Lorien Academy,her family has sent her down here so she can stop depending on them all the time. She’s being forced to get a job and only have an allowance of $3,000 a month which is nothing considering how fast she spends it all. One thing about jewel is that she’s very active in school but not that active when it comes to training. Even in school activities she rarely plays/practice but always has a doctors note for it. Jewel is sort of a bitch to everyone,even to her closer friends and they’re all starting to get tired of it. But one thing that no one knows about jewel is that she has Sickle cell disease,which is why she has an attitude towards everyone. She act’s like a bitch to overshadow her illness and to push people away from her so when she dies no one will really miss her. Will coming to lorien academy cause jewel to stop her stuck up ways? or will she just continue to push everyone away like always?


Kayla Jordan:Best friend; that was her first friend when she came to lorien, the fact that they’re both well respected through the school is what brought them closer together.

Brayden Conway: Ex boyfriend; she had sex with him a couple of times but couldn’t bring herself to continue with their relationship due to the fact that she might die any time. So she told him that all she wanted from his was sex and he should leave her alone, she was one of the few people in Brayden’s life that could deal with his OCD.

Lucas Lee: Lab partners; They’re assigned lab partners in chemistry, she hates how serious he is when it comes to grades.

Marina Rae: Enemies; Bullies her about the fact that she doesn’t have a family, and the fact that she has more money than her.

Vincent Delvincio: Enemies; They have world history together and every-time Vincent says something, jewel always has a smart ass comment back in order to prove that he’s wrong. She dislikes the fact that he thinks he can push her around or tell her what to do just because he’s a guy.

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Please track the tags LorienfollowLorienevents, Lorienstarters and Lorienunfollow

Faith is to be awake and to be awake is for us to think, and for us to think is to be alive, and I will try with every rhyme to come across like I am dying to let you know you need to try to think.”

Aye, isn’t that Eva Jones?  She sort of reminds me of Keke Palmer(X). She’s 18 years old, a junior in college and is majoring in Medicine.

✓Smart, reliable, outgoing

✘ Cautious, often over thinks, naive

My story:

Jesus freak. Frigid. Prude. God squad. These words weren’t uncommon to Eva growing up in the heart of Orlando, but did she mind? Not one bit. She had her faith in God and that’s all that matters. Instead of messing around with boys like most girls her age and getting her heart broken, she kept her head down, studied hard and managed to graduate high school at the age of 16. While she’s always been the top of her class and well-known, she’s never had a boyfriend as her parents often warned her that she’d be distracted. Afraid of failure, Eva’s never had many friends, nor did she go to parties.

But now that she’s at Lorien, she wants to break from her nerdy shell and be a normal teenager while she has the opportunity but she doesn’t want to lose her connection to God in the process, nor did she wish to fall behind on her education. She can often seen herself as a successful surgeon, but there are times where she sees herself as a housewife with 4 children. She wishes she could control these visions but she doesn’t know how. She can see into the future, multiple futures, but never know which will be reality until it happens.

She is STRAIGHT, on the GYMNASTICS TEAM, in the CHOIR, works at FOREVER 21, from the PLANET KINESIS (X) and is a straight A STUDENT.

Malcom McveighChoir-mate;  Knows him through choir and thinks he’s kind of cute but way out of her league.

Antonio AcostaAcquaintances; Thinks he’s bad news and avoids him at all costs.

Hello Students:

So it’s been said, and I’m glad. Since it’s been laid out for you all I’m not going to rant on and on. All I’ll say is I need you guys to use the advice to your advantage. Don’t blow past it, those who do will, well, look a little odd. Your admins made individual pages for a reason so use your resources. Follow the admins:


If you need help or anything, ASK THEM.

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