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Aye isn’t that Lucas Lee? he sort of reminds me of CDior_ (X) (X) (X). he’s 20 years old, a Sophomore In College and is majoring in Anatomy.

✓ Sweet, Thoughtful
✘ Clueless

My story:

Lucas family came down to africa from aquand to use their powers in order to help the people there with diseases and more. When Lucas started spreading his knowledge about diseases and other things people started to get jealous, he kept hearing rumors about kidnappers who would kidnap important people all for a ransom. Or that some people we’re so overcome with jealousy that they even threatened to take his life away. Which is why Lucas started to act dumb in order to save his life

Now at Lorien Academy, Lucas really just wants to be himself, he’s sort of known around as the weird nerdy kid who you can always call on for help. Lucas is also a goofy person who likes to play pranks on people, but sometimes he can get carried away with them. Also he loves to flirt with the females whenever he can even if they don’t flirt back. How exactly is Lucas suppose to accomplish his goal of being himself when he has an evil twin to keep a close eye on or when his personality gets on peoples nerves?

He is STRAIGHT, on the SWIM TEAM, on the BASEBALL TEAM, works at DICKS SPORTING GOOD, from the PLANET AQUAND (X) and is a straight A STUDENT.

Kezelin Cartwight: Best friends; Kezelin is one of the few people that can actually tolerate Lucas behavior, she took the time to know him now these two are closer than ever. 

Phailin Hyuga: Friend; Lucas knows about Phailin’s secret he knows phailin ran away from her royal duties and could alert the Innergy people whenever he feels like it. But for now he’ll just see how things play out between them

Kayla Jordan: Acquaintances; Lucas thought that they were friends at first just because they have a class together, but he later figured out that she’s only using him for answers on homework and stuff like that

Luke lee:Evil Twin; During a freak accident many years ago the evil side of Lucas took it’s own form and was now created to be known as Luke.

Khairee Bowden: Enemies; After a night in the club when lucas slipped a date rape drug in Kezelin’s drink as a prank him and Khairee got into a physical fight. Ever since they’ve never liked eacother

" Limiting yourself makes you weak, knowledge and power is all around us. "

Aye isn’t that Manzo Som? He sort of reminds me of Darrellson. He’s 22 years old a Junior In College and has a major in Marine Biology. 

Confident, Fast Thinker, Observer

✘ Over thinker, Reserved

My story:

Before coming to Lorien, Manny knew nothing about his powers or being from another world. Not until he was approached by Ms. Sandy. Now Manny is one of the top fighters on both Aquand and Icequatic, taking his role and job seriously. He doesn’t like to be looked down upon, not expecting handouts from anyone. Sometimes he feels he has to go the extra mile or people would look down upon Aquand. 

Now at Lorien, Manny has become more mellow and humble over the years. He’s more open to helping others aside from improving skills of his own. You can always catch Manny in the gym or training field. 

He is STRAIGHT, on the SWIM TEAM, on the MMA/BOXING TEAM, is also an AQUAND TRAINING COACH. He works at LA FITNESS, and is from the PLANET AQUAND (X)and is a straight A STUDENT.

Vincent Delvincio: Best friends; These two are always there to help each other or just to joke around. Manny sees Vinny as a long lost brother and always has his back no matter what. 

Tasanee Cho: Little Cousin; Growing up together, Manny has always looked after Tassay. Now at Lorien, he’ll do the same while training her. One time when they were younger Manny ate a mud pie she made. 

Issac Reynolds: Close friends; Manny and Issac have that I hate you friendship, but they’re only joking. Manny sees Issac as a very close friend and will do anything to help him or his family out.

Adrayla Raffin: Close Friend; Drayla is the little sister Manny has always wanted. Taking the role seriously, Manny likes to give both Drayla and her fiancé Cash a hard time when he’s around them. 

Jessica Cello: Pupil; Training Jessica is one of Manny’s top priorities to do while at Lorien. 

Amaya Delvincio: Close friend; Being Vinny’s wife and a close friend, Manny looks after Amaya and keeps a close eye due to the fact she’s royalty. 

Chance Robinson: Close friend; Manny calls Chance his Bruh Bruh. Aside from Vinny, Chance is the only person Manny acts silly around.

"If you know whats good for you, don’t get on my bad side"

Aye isn’t that Adrayla Raffin? She sort of reminds me of Kim Dash (X) , She’s 20 years old, a Sophomore in College , and has a Major in Hospitality Management.

✓ Friendly, Loyal

✘ Distrustful, Sarcastic, Blunt

My story:

 Adrayla might look sweet and innocent at first, but she’s nothing like that. She’s pretty quiet when you first meet her, but can get wild and crazy when the lights go off. She’s always been taught self defense by her mother and how to work on her reflexes by her father. Dray always gives her all when it comes to relationships, but it seems as though the guys would always prove themselves to be unfaithful, only hurting her in the end. Adrayla is very emotional and can snap at any minute, but that’s often because of the bipolar disorder she’ll never admit to having. To keep herself from hurting others or emotionally getting hurt, she cut herself and smoked a lot of weed as a type of calming method. 

Now at Lorien Academy, Drayla has been focusing on her studies and trying to ease up on smoking so much, but with all the stress from juggling school, work, and her social life she needs something to relieve herself every so often. Drayla’s bipolar disorder has also caused her to become more irritable and cross with people. Although her doctor offers her medication, she refuses to take it. Will Lorien Academy make her go back to her old ways? Or will she find someone to help her with a different method to calm down?

She is STRAIGHT, on the CHEER-LEADING SQUAD, works at FOREVER 21, from the PLANET SHAFTER (X) and is a straight B STUDENT.

Zachary Ashworth: Cousin; Though Zach is older than her, it always seems as if Drayla is the one that has to make sure he stays out of trouble. 

Vinny Delvincio: Friends; Used to have a tiny crush on him but she got over that quickly. He’s become more of a mentor and close friend to her.

Cash Waller: Fiance; Cash is always there to help Drayla through her battles, but she’s scared that her problems will push him away

Antonio Acosta: Ex boyfriend; When they were together, he would flirt with girls right in front of her face, cheat on her, get violent and abuse her. Now that he’s at Lorien, Adrayla wants nothing to do with him, but she does get annoyed when he flirts with her friends.

Chris Jay: Childhood Friend; Back in Brooklyn, Chris was always there for Adrayla. He could tell something was up with her but could never put his finger on it. When she broke the news to him about what she does to relieve stress, he made her promise never to do it again and helps her overcome her urges.

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"Always hated the boy but now the boy is the man, muhfucka I done grown up!"

Aye isn’t that  Khairee Bowden? He sort of reminds me of kburton_25 (X). He’s 20 years old and a Sophomore in College and has a Major in Business.

✓ Goofy, Weird, Social, Protective

✘ Impatient, Lazy, Straight-Forward

My story:

Khairee was always an outcast in school. He hardly spoke to anyone in school because of how shy, quiet and insecure he was. People looked at him as the quiet tall little dude with the nerdy glasses and bunny teeth or the shy little dude with the big head. Now at Lorien Khairee is completely the opposite from how he was when he was younger. He’s not the insecure, quiet, shy little Khairee anymore. He’s always talking and messing with someone, being weird and goofy. One thing he’s learned to love and appreciate more while he was here was his family and his friends. He’s very protective when it comes to his family and friends and doesn’t like it when people mess with his loved ones. He’s very passionate about and dedicated to basketball, he can’t wait till he gets the chance to start working and going against his favorite teams. He’s also one of the members of the notorious group called TrillPartyFam, whom throw the most craziest college parties ever.

He is STRAIGHT, on the BASKETBALL TEAM, works at FOOT LOCKER, from the PLANET INNERGY (X) and is a straight B STUDENT.

Kristopher London: Best-friend; Met Kristopher in Elementary school, have been good friends ever since till the beginning of middle school but have been separated from each other till freshman year of high school. Are now like blood brothers ever since they reunited.

Lawrence Hayes, Richard Lopez: Friends; Met Lawrence & Richard around school and joined their little group. Almost always hanging out around each other and causing trouble, or are planning another wild party.

Kezelin “KC” Cartwight: Girlfriend; Current girlfriend that he loves and adores more than anything, also considers her as his bestfriend and his reason to keep his head up. He feels as if he could tell Kezelin anything and is completely comfortable around her, doesn’t really care about her disability. He would do anything just to keep her safe and happy.

Tyler Wolf:Ex-Girlfriend; Ex-Girlfriend that he broke up with before he came down to earth to continue with his career as a college student. Would still like to be friends with her since she was once a part of his life.

Christian Jay: Childhood Enemies; Dislikes Chris ever since middle school due to the fact that Chris used to bully and make fun of him.

Ashton “Red” Nicks: Good Friends; Met Red at Lorien and once messed around with her in a sexual way but it ended up making things awkward since they both had other love interests so they just decided to act like it never happened and stay friends. Often comforts Red when she’s down or gives her advice when she needs it.

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This is life, not heaven. You don’t have to be perfect..”

Aye isn’t that Yasmine “Yaz” Cater? she sort of reminds me of Anabella carrasco  (X) she’s 22  years old a Juinor in College and has a Major in Fashion Design 

✓Positive traits Friendly , Goofy ,Cheerful 

✘Negative traits Hothead , Shy 

My story:

Growing up,Yasmine had it pretty rough. Her father was a crack addict  and her mother was in jail . Yamine is the only child, so she never had any siblings to bond with so she’s been on her own since day one. She was forced to take care of herself at a very young age and being too young to get an actual job, she turned to the streets. She started to work with the local drug dealers that she knew and they had really raised her since her father was always high of drugs. She thought they were like brothers to her even though they was down to no good she saw different she saw the struggle  . 

Now at Lorien Academy she thinks she can do better with her life and gets away from all the shit she been through and do something right for herself , do something her mother would be proud of .Yasmine is also here so she won’t end up like her parents, she wants to do something with herself.


Chance Robinson:One night stand; hooked up with him after this wild party, she was so drunk that she doesn’t really remember who he was, but he remembers her. All she remembers is how soft his lips were and how much she enjoyed the sex. After that night Yasmine was very disappointing in herself and never wants something like that to happen.

Lucas Lee:Friends; at first when she met Lucas she found him to be weird and creepy, but the more she got to know him she found a deeper more goofy side of Lucas that she adores. She wants to help Lucas with any problems that he has but first he has to put his guard down.

Nailah Abadi: Teammates; they both have gymnastics together, Yasmine admires Nailah strong determination that she has whenever it’s time to practice.

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